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After all of the fuss, the hacking, the threats, the backlash, the President’s comments, the Sony executives replies, and then it’s final release: what is Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview actually like? … The short answer is not very good.

Having worked together on This Is The End, co-directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have managed to push a comedy to beyond ridiculousness. It’s almost as if the film script was wrote in a pub over a few beers.

The film sees presenter, Dave Skylark (Franco), and his producer Aaron Rappaport (Rogen), run a celebrity tabloid show, ‘Skylark Tonight’ – which is cameos-galore, as Eminem appears to announce that he is homosexual; Rob Lowe is secretly bald, and Mcconaughey has sexual inclinations towards goats. It’s over-the-top exaggeration with no real comedy to be seen unfortunately.

After landing an interview with a surprise fan of the show - North Korea’s supreme leader, come dictator, Kim Jung Un (Randall Park), the CIA quickly recruit them to assassinate Kim whilst they are in Pyongyang (NK’s capital) to conduct the interview.

Reflecting the ‘real-life’ satire, North Korea own a nuclear arsenal whilst pushing cruel propaganda and dictatorship over its citizens. But, scarcely added, their leader is not what the world shows him to be, as he is notably a Katy Perry fan and still like adolescent activities likes’ basketball, and games. In their many failed assassination attempts, and rude-crude shenanigans come homosexual and racist jokes left, right and centre; innuendos upon gags all piling up to fuel their farce.

Sadly, this is not the best Rogen and Franco team-up and lives deep below the likes of Pineapple Express or even This Is The End. Instead, it is lowbrow, slapstick buddy humour between the two and easily one of the year’s biggest comedic turkeys (despite it making cinematic history).

Rating:  2 Star Rating

The Interview arrives in UK cinemas on 6th February 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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6th February 2015

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