The Expendables 3

After one of the Expendables is badly injured whilst tackling Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson), Barney Ross (Stallone) is forced to retire his old team and recruit a younger generation in order to put an end to Stonebanks' plans.

Following almost the exact premise of EX2, the film is up set when Barney Ross and team get sent on a revenge mission by Drummer (Harrison Ford), a replacement of Willis’ character.

Among the new faces to join EX3 is Kelsey Grammar, who with Stallone go on an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style recruitment for a younger replacement team who eventually include; Glen Powell, Victor Ortiz, Ronda Rousey (should have been Gina Carano) and Kellan Lutz. Collectively they control the majority of screen time – but are strangely set up not to be that likeable and show minimal personality. Still along for the ride are Statham, Crews, Lundgren, Couture and Schwarzenegger.

Stallone, who can already take credit for bringing the stars together for the action trilogy can also be praised for giving the previously hard-done-by actors a second chance on the big-screen. Gibson, who takes lead villain role, and Wesley Snipes who plays knifeman and previous Expendable 'Doctor Death'.

Antonio Banderas also co-stars and acts as the comic-relief for an otherwise straight-mood action plot. Although top-billed (but more cameo roles) Jet Li and Robert Davi also appear briefly – but for less than five minutes combined. But it is action galore throughout, and are almost forgotten minutes later. Gaining a lower rating than the predecessors do not let the 12A rating put you off as there is still five-hundred plus kills in the two-hour running-time.

Unfortunate, given the plethora of action-stars featured, but most are rarely seen on screen together, but rather in solo scenes with Stallone and sometimes two others. Which is a shame as the interaction between these different characters would guise great chemistry. We make the prediction that by The Expendables 8, there will be around 100 featured stars - but all with just one minute screen time. But nonetheless, what we do see of them all onscreen is entertaining.

For an action film with so much testosterone and strong performing actions, who alone make superb films – yet when put together create low entertainment with minimal suspense leaving you quite cheated.

Remember all of your favourite parts from Rambo, Predator and Zorro? – Now forget them, as this film has none alike. Although great entertainment, unfortunately EX3 has arrived 25 years too late.

Rating:  2 Star Rating

The Expendables 3 arrives in UK cinemas on 14th August 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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14th August 2014

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