Although it is rather easy to predict where 'Room' is headed, getting there might be a journey you didn't prepare for. Despite minimal twists and turns along the way, Abrahamson and his two phenomenal leads are able to navigate and manipulate the glaring hypothetical nature of 'Room' and prey on the viewers empathy, to emotionally, narratively, and thematically prevail.

An adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s visceral, world-shattering novel of the same name. ‘Room,’ helmed by Lenny Abrahamson (Frank), stars Brie Larson as Ma and Jacob Tremblay as Jack, a mother and son imprisoned against their will inside an inescapable, yet accommodating shed.

Brie Larson's latest turn as an immovable, unshakeable, unconditionally nurturing and endlessly loving single mother faced with an inconceivable predicament is astonishing. Only twenty-five years-of-age, Larson is showing maturity, skill, and passion for her craft well beyond her years.

Jacob Tremblay’s immeasurably impressive performance as inquisitive, intelligent Jack will break the sternest of hearts. A mere eight-years-of-age, Tremblay achieves a level of realness and sympathy that most performers don’t attain in a lifetime. Wunderkinds Tremblay and Larson are sure to be the subject of buzz come award season.

What 'Room' presents and ultimately forces the viewer to wholeheartedly undertake is truly emotionally exhausting and instinctively unthinkable, but rewards significantly with metaphysical intangibles. Director Lenny Abrahamson certainly has an affinity for trapping his protagonists with haunting, imperceptible characteristics in physical, external cages and ‘Room’ allows Lenny to explore this topic uniquely, extensively, and most importantly, memorably.

Abrahamson's vision of Donoghue's striking novel places vital importance on the authenticity of Jack's intuitional response to existing outside of room and all that encompasses. Although free from being obliviously burdened, bombarding such a young, impressionable, fragile mind with the intricate vastness and unfathomable depths of humanity's knowledge would only result in an information overload and undoubtedly force Jack into a further delusional, introvert state. The adjustment to life on Earth is a slow transition and Abrahamson appropriately contains the unveiling. Upon breaking out of prison, I know the last thing anyone would want is to be restricted, but restrain truly served the picture best.

Abrahamson has created something truly special with ‘Room.’ To witness the world through the eyes of a child is nothing short of a revelation. The most prominent evidence of Abrahamson, Larson, and Tremblay’s ability to reinvigorate the film’s scope is found in the obliviousness of innocence and its power to transcend skepticism and trepidation. Despite the very real and persistently impending danger in 'Room,' the overwhelming sense of fear does not accompany it. No easy feat when the protagonists are at the mercy of a madman every minute of every day.

Rating:  5 Star Rating

Room arrives in UK cinemas on 15th January 2016.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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15th January 2016

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