Life After Beth

There have not been many overly-decent zombie films lately. One that always pops up in conversation is Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, which entertainingly redefined previous conventions and created the superfluous rom-zom-com. Shortly after came Zombieland, now this – Life After Beth, a similarly toned comedy. But how does it compare?

Life After Beth begins with Dane Dehaan’s character, Zack mourning over the recent loss of his girlfriend, Beth (Aubrey Plaza). Bitten by a snake whilst hiking, she has a funeral ceremony and is buried. Spending time with Beth’s parents, Zack attempts to move on. But the parents, as played by John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon, however start behaving weird and secluded. Stalking around the house to find out why he thinks that he spots Beth inside – which makes him think that either the whole thing is a hoax, or that she is now a z-word.

Beth, unaware that anything is different, and not being told by her parents or Zack that she is actually dead, decide to keep her a secret and hid her inside from anyone knowing Still in love and unable to tell or explain how she is here, Zack continues their relationship, but notices that she is extra-clingy and weirder that before (and also dead) - It is an interesting concept to say the least.

Taking ‘the loving parents’ position, Beth’s refuse to accept that she is a zombie, but rather that she has been resurrected. What follows in Dehaan’s first-ever comedy is quirky humour, apocalyptic freaking out, many WTF moments, plus Anna Kendrick co-starring and redefining the term awkward.

Although Life After Beth causes frequent smirks, there are not any LOL-moments until the ending, where ‘the world goes crazy’ – and we see quite possibly the best zombie kill of the week. Writer / director Jeff Baena’s take on zombies is funny, fresh and a cult to be.

Rating:  3 Star Rating

Life After Beth arrives in UK cinemas on 1st October 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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1st October 2014

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