Into The Storm

Storm trackers, adrenaline junkies and town-folk alike encounter a giant tornado storm and attempt to document and survive it.

Beginning in documentary style found footage, all of the cast members are at the helm of handheld devices - whether it be recording a graduation ceremony, storm tracking or just YouTube wannabes, most just grasp a legitimate reason to have cameras.

Found footage film-making as seen in Cloverfield and Chronicle have proved to be successful. However issues often arise with who phyisically films certain parts and how battery lives seem to last so long.

Starring in central roles throughout the 89 minute running time are; Richard Armitage, Max Deacon, Sarah Wayne Callies and Matt Walsh – In addition to the poor performed accents, the sad and heartfelt moments unfortunately seem out of place, but instead rather funny.

Comparable to 1996’s Twister (almost a remake or sequel), it echoes many natural disaster clichés and the consequence weak narrative. You would half-expect it to have been created by Roland Emmerich.

Although unsure of the science behind tornados, many of the scenes are impressive (especially that airport moneyshot seen in the trailers). Gifted from the authentic CGI, the storm genuinely seems menacing providing the typical B-movie entertainment.

Rating:  1 Star Rating

Into The Storm arrives in UK cinemas on 20th August 2014.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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20th August 2014

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