Fast and Furious 7

From small car races in deserts, to international heists, to saving the world heroics – nobody could have predicted the Fast and Furious franchise’s success when it first came out. Now, on its seventh film - which alone is well on its way to grossing one-billion dollars – the franchise doesn’t seem like it will be taking its foot off the accelerator anytime soon.

Since the introduction of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the fifth film (the Rio heist one), the series secured itself a future with the growing ensemble of cast, entertainment and dazzling locations. Everything changed, everything became faster, more furious and incredibly over-the-top stupid. But who said it was to be reality?

Yes, seems essentially like ‘The Avengers meets Top Gear’, but the motives of car racing, jokes and music video-esqe footage are just the mix the franchise the draw an audience outside of the action film genre. If you get past the nitty-gritty – ‘that is not physically possible’ sort of thing, then the film is a hugely entertaining popcorn thriller.

During production of the film, and probably the films most talked about substances it the passing of Paul Walker. As untimely and sad as it is, the franchise have done wonders in his legacy and gave him a very fitting tribute and send off. In it since the beginning minutes with the franchise following his story (along with the other leading cast too), it is difficult to see how the future films will continue without his presence or in terms of narrative. Need not worry, given the ‘last job ever’ talk has been going on for the last three films, and the financial incentives – there will be a way on continuing.

Set in the Die Hard 3 plot territory, with and evil brother seeking revenge (Jason Statham), it is a game of cat and mouse and Statham, Tony Jaa and Kurt Russell now join the team. Put together with physic defying, muscle bulking and vehicular testosterone, F&F7 thrills throughout and guarantees box-office bucks.

Rating:  4 Star Rating

Fast and Furious 7 arrives in UK cinemas on 3rd April 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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3rd April 2015

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