Every Thing Will Be Fine

James Franco has had a varied acting career. Varied in the sense the he goes to and from comedies, dramas, indies and blockbusters - some flops, but others of a greater success. This range is not to say a bad thing - just an expanse of his growing talent. Now, having dipped his toes in directing too, he acts in German film, Every Thing Will Be Fine (not a spelling mistake).

The film begins with Franco's character, Tomas - a novelist who is driving around his Montreal-based town aimlessly after a quarrel with his girlfriend. It's cold, it's snowy, been a long day - and his head is not straight - all of which accounts to him accidentally running over and killing a young child. This deeply traumatizes him over the twelve-year setting as he struggles to make sense of what he has done. As life continues and it is slowly put behind him, whenever he looks in the mirror he cannot help but see a murder filled with guilt.

It's a subject that is not often touched on in film. That said, there are films similar to it still, such as The Place Beyond The Pines. It's around the same quality of it too, as it is not divulged in pretentiousness and tackles the subject with realism and life.

Franco's role in the central performance is one to marvel at throughout. Mainly in how he resonates the emotion, and depressing nature of the film, but all whilst balancing it before it gets too dark. As the story eventually comes full-circle, his burden of searching for forgiveness is brought back up again and again. The film also co-stars Rachel McAdams, Charlotte Gainsburg and Marie Josee Crose.

Every Thing Will Be Fine is in 3D, it has a beyond surreal soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat, and director Wim Wenders urges his style with a slow build and art-house vibes throughout. Overall recommended.

Rating:  4 Star Rating

Every Thing Will Be Fine was shown at Berlin Film Festival on 10th February 2015.
You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

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10th February 2015

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